7 Features of Showbox Apk – You Need to Know Everything

The technology of Showbox for iPhone, Android and Windows is taking the Internet over by storm and gradually replacing other movie streaming apps on the market. There are a number of reasons for the Showbox app’s ever increasing popularity, all playing a part in its unprecedented success. The below list gives just some of these remarkable features which make Showbox apk official website probably the only movies application you will ever need.

  • It’s free

There are no strings attached. Contrary to most of the available applications where you have to purchase a subscription or make a payment for the files you wish to download, full access to the impressive Showbox movies library is unlimited and completely free of charge.

  • It’s for everybody

The app covers all of the most popular technologies and leaves hardly any user out. You can download Showbox for iPhone, iPad, Windows PCs and Android devices including Blackberry and Kindle readers. The Showbox application is available to anybody regardless of the operating system of their device putting everybody in line for free, quality entertainment.

  • Works both online and offline

Any movie or TV show in the Showbox media library can be watched online as it is buffering or downloaded for offline use later. This gives the app’s users unlimited access to their favorite pictures anytime and anywhere they wish.

  •  Quality content

The Showbox application’s media library is really impressive. With movies and TV shows ranging from blockbusters to less mainstream titles and from most recent pictures to older productions of all genres, the resource is bound to meet anybody’s tastes for quality entertainment. A vast part of the library’s content comes in 360p to 1080p resolution ensuring a great watching experience.

  • User-friendly design

The application is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Intelligent design opens Showbox directly to the page which you visit most frequently. Only one single menu contains all the options necessary to navigate through the app and the menu options are not more or less than needed. Features such as direct access to your downloads, your favorite movies and TV shows, new positions in the library or recently uploaded movie and TV show trailers are all available in one swipe.

  • Bookmarks and sorting

The bookmarking feature allows for saving an attractive find in the library for later. Bookmarks are also available for TV series you want to keep up to date with. The remarkable content of the apps movie base can also be sorted by a number of variables ranging from specific movie genres to years in which pictures were first released.

  • Continuous updates

Not only is the Showbox library vast and diverse but it also expands on a regular basis. The application’s database is updated every week with latest big screen positions and most recent episodes of TV shows.

With all these great features, there is no doubt Showbox will continue to grow in popularity generating the need for further perfecting of the app and it is only a matter of time until even more exciting add-ons to the app arrive.

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